MarieAnne, Matthieu and our two baby owls: Mathis and Michael Made.

This is the story of our family...

The mission we have given ourselves to take care of our babies while respecting the environment.

Because as Mathis, 2 years old, often asks: “Mom, does it hurt fish?”

The adventure began with the desire to offer the best to our children. This was followed by the discovery of the liniment , an idea...

Then the realization of a dream: the promotion of ecological solutions for our boubous.

Today we are fighting for our planet, for our children, to leave them a future with oceans full of fish.

The liniment is what we found best for our family, and we wanted to produce it in Quebec to make it accessible to your family.

Taking care of your baby while being ecological is now possible...

MarieAnne & Matthew 💛