What is Liniment?

The baby owl liniment is used at each diaper change to clean baby.

  • no preparation and no rinsing.
  • no more soaked wipes.
  • no more redness and irritation.
  • natural, organic, made in Quebec!

Recommended for sensitive skin and irritation/Erythema: baby's skin is clean, nourished and protected!

Composition :

Organic olive oil: emollient effect (moisturizes the skin and softens it) and protective effect (it leaves a greasy film that protects baby's skin against attacks (following stools and urine).

Lime water: it has a sanitizing effect (cleans), this base fights against the acid pH of stools and urine (which causes redness and irritation).


Very simple: apply a small amount to a washable wipe or cotton pad and wipe baby dry.

No rinsing! The oil-limestone liniment is compatible with washable diapers. (see diagram)

Other possible uses

  • Moisturizer ;
  • To wash the face of children;
  • To relieve eczema;
  • Helps eliminate cradle cap;
  • Effective makeup remover;
  • massage cream;
  • After Sun ;
  • Relieves cracks or chapping while breastfeeding;
  • Help make them disappear
    pregnancy stretch marks;
  • Relieves burns.