To treat baby's irritations...

This is the case of Baby Hibou's new cleaning product made from olive oil and lime water. Just wash baby's skin with a little of this ointment on a cotton wipe and you're done; no need to rinse or add protective cream or ointment.

The liniment is in fact taken from a recipe from the French pharmacopoeia used for newborn babies in hospitals, explained Matthieu Dufour, a microbiologist by training and founder, with his spouse MarieAnne Pham, of Bébé Hibou. The product moisturizes and leaves a light greasy film, he says. This makes it a barrier protecting the skin from the acidity of urine and stool.

Baby Owl liniment contains organic olive oil, lime water, beeswax and chamomile. The mixture is made here, in the laboratory.

The product is on sale in several points of sale and on the company's website. The 473 ml and 120 ml sizes are available at a cost of $25 and $11.

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